We live in an intercultural, networked world calling for careful co-creation

Today’s world is shaped by the global, epistemic interrelation of cultures. How we think we understand “everything” is a test of whether we understand “anything”, to paraphrase Shunryu Suzuki.

About me: now and then

I’ve been teaching in higher education for 19 years, and have worked in academe for longer. My early research was on 19th/20th century thinkers and scientists: their classical training and their discoveries. My quest to develop my teaching brought me to the networked learning of the 21st century, which uses technology while remaining committed to reflexive constructivist values. I have an East/West background and I believe in the creative potential of languages and words that are shared. My name is Greta Goetz.

Site Blog as Digital Garden

This site is a digital garden, also influenced by the IndieWeb principle of selfdogfooding. I use what I build, continuing to complete.