Music and beyond

Yesterday, I was watching the evening swifts play and screech in the breeze, noting how they would fall into formation at certain intervals. I ‘felt’ (in a Whiteheadian sense) that there is ‘something to be said’ about the swifts being in that way; something about a certain economy of thought that could be achieved through concrescence, if a person could just let their own trajectory go, and ‘tune in’ (in a Knuthian sense; he writes of good programmers being ‘in tune’).

Thus the primitive experience is emotional feeling, felt in its relevance to a world beyond (Whitehead [1929] 1978: 163)

It has been a long year and I am still working without any rest in sight. But this has meant learning new ways to rest. One has been to occasionally listen to music while working.

For classical music, Denisa Kerschova’s Allegretto on France Musique is wonderful. She is just so knowledgable, so charming, and so inventive in the music she assembles.

For jazz, an unparalled programme is Radio Fip’s Club Jazzafip.

Then there is the multi-talented John Zahorian of Pa’lante fame, but he is also a brilliant film maker, whose Golden Glow and Cedar Skies bring suggestions of the great outdoors to ambient music. Putting this list together, I just discovered more of his music.

Finally, in digital music, Lena Raine’s compositions are particularly thoughtful and intriguing, specifically Oneknowing and Reknowing.

Yet, the aesthetic feelings … are nothing else than products of the contrasts latent in a variety of colours qualifying emotion, contrasts which are made possible by their patterned relevance to each other. (Whitehead [1929] 1978: 162-3)