On Cyber Utopia...

What will the place of the human being be in a world increasingly dominated by abstract machines and logic? – Philippe Quéau, former head of the French National Audiovisual Institute

Picturing technology as φάρμακον

The “innermost possibility” of tech may lie in where it overcomes the tendency to annul contrasts.

Pedagogy of extraneity

The opportunities afforded by technology do not simplify the complexities of learning but instead require “greater” maturity and support for learning (Beaty et al. 2002).

The Odyssey of techno-scientific literacies

A current pandemic which has pushed much work online has revealed a lack of literacies in information security, surveillance capitalism, and the unresolved problems of algorithms and control. Yet there is a decades-old tradition of pedagogies that address the complex interactions of the interdisciplinary techno-scientific world…