Book in progress

Considering programming as re-presentation

I am continuing to try to build a mental model of how different programs are interrelated, and how they relate to hardware. This evening, I made an activity chart in Emacs.

A generative mindset

This post is written for a friend who asked whether there are methods to grow a generative mindset, especially in the face of the complexity we see today. I think there are, but it depends on whether we find meaning in implementing it in even the smallest every day decisions. Here are some of the approaches I am considering covering in my book.

λove at last!

The purpose of this ongoing post is to map out the de Bonian “flowscape” of my thinking as I discovered λ calculus at the heart of computing, especially in Lisp and functional languages. This post “re-presences” the movement of my thought.

A "wiki-like" symmathesic design pattern

How reading The Wiki Way teaches my digital garden. How it has helped a pattern for “learning together” emerge, for use in some of my courses and book.

Why wiki

On Ward Cunningham’s Wiki Wiki Web and seeking out interconnections among ideas. But also, about making mistakes. Humility and wonder at digital development. Digital gardening.

A dynamic point of departure

What code or text would you choose to describe this time of transition? The ambiguity of the words text and script show that if we care about words we should hone — and be able to query and ask questions of — our digital tools. But this is complicated where text, and the tech that serves it, is hard to manipulate and/or understand.

Why and how I'm learning: A cultural case for general outlines

In this post I discuss my journey to establish an outline of computer science, with minimal but extant gumshoeing, and how I am prepared to see the limitations of my endeavor as an outsider.

A problem of common expression

Technoscience is a discourse problem. We can find our voice if we build the infrastructure. I hope the book I am writing will re-presence a plan for it — as one already exists and is periodically vindicated by events such as the week the open web won.

Turtles all the way down

Introducing the subterranean central pattern of the book I am writing.

Re-presencing the postdigital trace

This post shares my NLC2022 conference presentation on Re-presencing the Digital Trace in Networked Learning Design and explains how it is related to the interdisciplinary book I have been working on for the past two years. The post begins with an autoethnographic narrative of the book’s progress before outlining some of its key ideas. It concludes with the NLC2022 presentation.