Dis-automatizing classes

This post will list some of the Stieglerian techniques I used in some of my courses this year to attempt to dis-automatize thought.

Privacy theater and tech design

A non-techie’s list of digital tools that are can be considered until issues of privacy and human-centered design is more care-fully iterated.

Relative harmony, experience, and digtal tools in networked learning

The updated audio teaser for my presentation at the 13th International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022). It is inspired by Christopher Alexander’s remark that, “As architects, builders, and artists, we are called upon constantly—every moment of the working day—to make judgments about relative harmony. We are constantly trying to make decisions about what is better and what is worse…”

Picturing technology as φάρμακον

The “innermost possibility” of tech may lie in where it overcomes the tendency to annul contrasts.