Croatian crossroads: identity, tech, cooperation

It is easy to minimize the work involved in creating networks for productive exchange among highly different communities. How can we write about/teach the challenges humankind faces yet still help humanity “endure and prevail”?

Considering programming as re-presentation

My first attempt to re-present programming architecture from the hardware up, in an activity chart.

On Cyber Utopia...

What will the place of the human being be in a world increasingly dominated by abstract machines and logic? – Philippe Quéau, former head of the French National Audiovisual Institute

The Odyssey of techno-scientific literacies

A current pandemic which has pushed much work online has revealed a lack of literacies in information security, surveillance capitalism, and the unresolved problems of algorithms and control. Yet there is a decades-old tradition of pedagogies that address the complex interactions of the interdisciplinary techno-scientific world…