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EmacsConf2021: A few talks I can't wait to watch

I won’t be including all of the talks I will be watching here but those that are aligned with topics I cover on this blog. I tried to keep this short – !

EmacsConf2021: Emacs as design pattern learning

This updated post links to my EmacsConf2021 talk.

A back-to-school/GTD Emacs journey

This post is a beginner’s continued journey to Emacs (mostly org-mode) and discusses: programming as a journey, Beamer for PDF control, mind map tools (metaphors for programmers!), using org-capture to plug-and-play, using Websters, advanced table export, and a little more.

Free Software and philosophy

This paper explores the threat of the erasure of knowledge, which Stiegler (2018) sees as characteristic of the Anthropocene, and which is understood in this paper as an educational concern with respect to our shared understanding and use of digital tools. The problem of the ‘bringing forth’ of knowledge is related to Heideggerian (1977 [1949]) poeisis. But where Heidegger lacked the courage to act, Stiegler raised the question of how to act and live care-fully, through neganthropic pharmakon as provisional treatment in the disautomatization of individual and collective production and consumption.

Org-mode is local - even in LaTeX exports!

Universalism, and universal teaching, can become a reality… if someone is willing to do the ‘extra’ work.

Free lunches and the burden of responsibility

This post explores the fun and difficulties of trying to use a computer responsibly as a non-techie but appreciator of the computer art.
“It is easy to use a computer. This is fortunate, because everybody’s going to have to learn. It is not so easy to use a computer wisely. This is unfortunate, because everybody’s going to have to learn.” – Michael Chrichton

Coming to programming in 2020: a year's review

Why I began to program in 2020, lessons learned, reading and challenges for the new year…

Let's get digital

The time and methods that go into my online courses and the free software I use.

Can learning be trolling?

I used to think that there was a clear-cut boundary for what constituted the internet troll. But as I started to join forums out of a need for technical help, and as I used this knowledge to build and then moderate forums myself, I found it much more complicated.

Design for digital literacy

The design at once creates an online space where students can find course resources (readings, videos) yet is also a space where students can co-create to leave their own traces through participatory, dialogic interaction with the course.

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