A generative mindset

This post is written for a friend who asked whether there are methods to grow a generative mindset, especially in the face of the complexity we see today. I think there are, but it depends on whether we find meaning in implementing it in even the smallest every day decisions. Here are some of the approaches I am considering covering in my book.

A "wiki-like" symmathesic design pattern

How reading The Wiki Way teaches my digital garden. How it has helped a pattern for “learning together” emerge, for use in some of my courses and book.

Value for value

“If the Internet makes possible an apparently contributory economy – typified by free and open source software – it is because it is a technical environment in which the recipients are put in the position of senders: it is dialogical.” — Bernard Stiegler

Pandemos Diaries

The content of this post began when I asked myself, friends, and acquaintances what might be worth sharing about what we are learning from the pandemic. Can we find catharsis, together?

What are we? Where are we going?

This post begins and ends with quotes by artist Paul Gauguin and contemplates where we are headed in this postdigital year of 2022 if we are to champion the freedom of “the human resource”. It contains illustrations of self-actualization and autoethnography of my own attempt at the same.

A tool for digital literacy

Link to and reflection on the simple Texpattern CMS theme I made to interlink multiple-user content through key words, related articles, categories, the search function, and links to author pages listing authors’ articles. Designed to promote collaborative, project-based relational learning but could be used for IndieWeb.

Teaching digital literacy

In a class environment, students can work together to generate ideas and experience conscientious co-creation. This can be helped by the right guidelines and encouragement.

Free Software Foundation 35

Stallman on resisting the status quo and seeking out alternatives to dark tech; current president Knauth on how the community can still get things done even when there are great interpersonal differences, and a link to my contribution…