Art and settling accounts

Unsentimental portrayals as learning tool?

21st Century Pedagogy

Key words, authors, and works.

A generative mindset

A few ideas for the daily, heuristic practice of cultivating a generative mindset when faced with complexity.

A "wiki-like" symmathesic design pattern

The Wiki Way influenced my digital garden. The wiki provides a design pattern for “learning together” that can be extended across media.

Why wiki

On Ward Cunningham’s Wiki Wiki Web and seeking out interconnections among ideas. But also, about learning as a process. Humility and wonder at digital development. Digital gardening.

Value for value

“If the Internet makes possible an apparently contributory economy – typified by free and open source software – it is because it is a technical environment in which the recipients are put in the position of senders: it is dialogical.” — Bernard Stiegler

Pandemos Diaries

The content of this post began when I asked myself, friends, and acquaintances what might be worth sharing about what we are learning from the pandemic. Can we find catharsis, together?

Teaching and learning to co-create

Presenting a book I co-edited and collaborated on that evolved out of the experience of several international multi-lingual networked projects conducted from a less constructivist teaching milieu. The book asks what it is that we learn if our purpose is to learn, through a critical pedagogical approach, how to bring out the best in each other’s voices and actions.

A tool for digital literacy

Link to and reflection on the simple Texpattern CMS theme I made to interlink multiple-user content through key words, related articles, categories, the search function, and links to author pages listing authors’ articles. Designed to promote collaborative, project-based relational learning but could be used for IndieWeb.

Teaching digital literacy

In a class environment, students can work together to generate ideas and experience conscientious co-creation. This can be helped by the right guidelines and encouragement.