A generative mindset

In my teaching, I try to prioritize the importance of finding meaning in implementing it in even on the level of small every day decisions.

Some approaches that directly address this approach include:
  1. Appreciative inquiry
  2. Dialogic engagement, which does have rules e.g.
  3. Sustainable thinking, inspired by the permaculture ethos, e.g.
  4. Co-creative, collaborative endeavors that build on strengths
  5. Symmathesy
  6. Mutual forgiveness e.g.
  7. Active work to reduce anxiety to free up receptivity to what our individual gifts are

As complex beings trying to increase the chances that we will be able to live well together, we can take a cue from Nora Bateson’s learning model, symmathesy, which is the practice of learning how to learn together, including taking “into account the larger consequences of our ‘actions’ […] to better understand the many facets of our interactions”.

Do we really care about generating and co-creating, and can we help each other to be more effective in this by bringing out each other’s strong points? It is a complex world, and it is unlikely that any single person possesses everything that is needed to cope with it in a non-toxic way. That is why it is important to try to learn how to listen to each other and encourage each other where we see goodness.

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