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This is an extension of this site’s About page. It is about what I am up to now.

Media, the Anthropocene, and American studies

The purpose of this post is to diagnose the Anthropocene and to explain why a philological approach to American cultural studies can bring a cure.

Phenomenology and networked learning book chapter

An informal video intro to a book chapter.

Wiki pages

All of this site’s posts on the wiki practice used. Again, this site is an informal digital garden. My professional site is here.

Job talk: Re-presenting the assigned topic for 21st century cultural studies

An introduction to and the slides for the job talk I gave for reappointment. The purpose of my presentation is to gently tease out the problem inherent to the topic, which may have been an intentional provocation. I did this by pointing to the tensions inherent to a 21st century corpus-based approach and (disautomatized) corporeality while also modelling and explaining the kind of approach that I take in my classes.

Popular posts

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Running gear

A non-sponsored paean to Orange Mud gear and a picture of happiness.

Art and settling accounts

Unsentimental portrayals as learning tool?


On release from automatic thinking.