An anti-textbook: Re-presencing culture and communication

This trial post is a detailed introduction to the anti-textbook I wrote entitled American Currents: Re-presencing culture and communication in a postdigital age.

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Running gear

A non-sponsored paean to Orange Mud gear and a picture of happiness.

Art and settling accounts

Unsentimental portrayals as learning tool?


On release from automatic thinking.

American currents: Anti-textbook update

Very brief, general outline.

21st Century Pedagogy

Key words, authors, and works.

Dis-automatizing classes

This post will list some of the Stieglerian techniques I used in some of my courses this year to attempt to dis-automatize thought.

Privacy theater and tech design

A non-techie’s list of digital tools that are can be considered until issues of privacy and human-centered design is more care-fully iterated.

GTD update

Have not posted in a while. This brief post is an update on programming hacks that have improved my quality of life (note, I write that, not “efficiency”) in the past year. The post will be edited at a later point.