Happy 2022: Points for systems resonance

2021 was a year of polarization and increased impacts by digitalization on culture. This post presents ‘points of resonance’ (Dartur 2020) to inspire transitions towards improvement at this time of continued change in the so-called knowledge age.

The code and codex of the commons

This post is an homage to an excellent essay by Bastien Guerry who raises ethical questions about how to map out the digital commons.


An incomplete list of blogs I read. It was taking too long to clean up the links so I stopped. This list will be updated and supplemented with short blurbs when I have the time.

Emacsconf2021: Dialogic learning how to learn through the Emacs tool

I can think of very few contexts in this hurried ‘great reset’ (to assume the urgency of Schwab & Malleret 2020) where we have the reflective/reflexive privilege to focus on the meaning/ethos of our digital tools. Such an opportunity is thanks to the EmacsConf2021 organizers and support team.

FOSS as polyphonic, interrelational traces

It is on all of us to decide how it is that we are working with and using tech in 2021 as even the smallest decision has a cumulative effect. … Which ideology are we supporting through our software use/contributions and why?

EmacsConf2021: A few talks I can't wait to watch

I won’t be including all of the talks I will be watching here but those that are aligned with topics I cover on this blog. I tried to keep this short – !

EmacsConf2021: Emacs as design pattern learning

I will be giving a talk at this year’s EmacsConf2021 that was an indirect exercise in considering the new wave of programming that is upon us.

Transnational courses

Slides for a transnational course proposal.

Digital networks and literacy syllabus 2021

This course, in the tradition of American self-discovery and the maker-mindset, carries forth the pedagogical questions of ’Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’ (Gauguin in Trocmé-Fabre) as we care-fully find our way in an increasingly interconnected, uncertain world that is the new electronic frontier.

A back-to-school/GTD Emacs journey

This post is a beginner’s continued journey to Emacs (mostly org-mode) and discusses: programming as a journey, Beamer for PDF control, mind map tools (metaphors for programmers!), using org-capture to plug-and-play, using Websters, advanced table export, and a little more.