Where do we “draw the line”?

Croatian crossroads: identity, tech, cooperation

It is easy to minimize the work involved in creating networks for productive exchange among highly different communities. How can we write about/teach the challenges humankind faces yet still help humanity “endure and prevail”?

A post about mourning

This post is about perseverance but I gave it this title to stand as a trigger warning for readers not inclined to think about pain. This is only being posted in case it is of help to someone.

Enough days

A very short post in honor of friendship and love.

Terministic screens

This post explores the “terministic screen”, which directs attention to certain types of perceptions that inform symbolic action. If it is true that “All terminologies must implicitly or explicitly embody choices between the principles of continuity and the principles of discontinuity”, might there be situations where they are transcended?

Considering programming as re-presentation

My first attempt to re-present programming architecture from the hardware up, in an activity chart.

A generative mindset

A few ideas for the daily, heuristic practice of cultivating a generative mindset when faced with complexity.

Emacs as 21stC interdisciplinary tool

How Emacs is a tool to extend learning, why it can do so much (even SQL) through built-in functionalities, and a link to a book about Emacs.

λove at last!

A “flowscape” of how I found λ calculus at the heart of computing.

A "wiki-like" symmathesic design pattern

The Wiki Way influenced my digital garden. The wiki provides a design pattern for “learning together” that can be extended across media.