Running gear

A picture of happiness.

This is a non-sponsored paean to Orange Mud gear. I still use their gear, specifically the handheld and the hydration pack. I detest fiddly things and love things that are well-designed and last a long time, and I love my Orange Mud gear more over time as it is that well-made and flexible. I’ve been using it for over five years and it’s as good as new.

For example, the cording on the hydration pack is firm but bendy and can be used to keep fiddly wires from flying away by acting as a tuck to keep them in the pocket. The velcro thingies are also good for keeping misc. things at reach but secured; the extra pocket over the hydration pack is large enough for all manner of things and choosing the cording for running poles creates extra storage options on the outside.

Every last thing was thought of. There is a super useful clamp on the back that can be used to hang the pack up to sun dry when not in use. The fit is no short of miraculous. Due to the “redacted years”, I was at various weight points and the pack always fit. I was skeptical to begin with, wondering how a pack could be unisex, but Beth told me she used it and I am always amazed at how comfortable it is. I run long always (12+ miles) and chafe easily and the hydration pack has never chafed me. Finally, it is also aesthetic and not at all embarassing to wear as I set out from the city and jog my way to the forest.

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