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21st century pedagogy
Key words, authors, and works.
A back-to-school/GTD Emacs Journey
This post roughly compiles some of the Emacs resources I have been using to improve my academic workflow. They are mostly Org-mode and the post is written for beginners with a DIY-mindset.
Dis-automatizing classes
This post lists some of the Stieglerian techniques I have used in some of my courses to attempt to dis-automatize thought.
Terministic screens
If it is true that “All terminologies must implicitly or explicitly embody choices between the principles of continuity and the principles of discontinuity”, might there be situations where they are transcended?
Teaching and tools for digital freedom (with video link)
Choosing knowledge design and how it is shared. We have choices in the design of knowledge and how it is shared. The digital tool makes new things possible that were not before, but we are still approaching so much learning, communication, and collaboration as we did in the pre-digital world.
Design for digital literacy
Design for digital literacy. This post will share the solution I came up with regarding the design of the online component for courses that emphasize 21st century skills and digital literacy.
Emacsconf2021: How to learn through the Emacs tool
I can think of very few contexts in this hurried ‘great reset’ (to assume the urgency of Schwab & Malleret 2020) where we have the reflective/reflexive privilege to focus on the meaning/ethos of our digital tools. Such an opportunity is thanks to the EmacsConf2021 organizers and support team.
Bonus: Link to Emacs as Design Pattern Learning
A link to my EmacsConf2021 talk
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