EmacsConf2021: A few talks I can't wait to watch

As EmacsConf2021 is packed with interesting talks, I won’t be including all of the talks I hope to watch here but those that are aligned with topics I cover on this blog. I’ve tried to keep this short!

For each, I list one reason I’m interested. The list is in order of where the talks appear on the schedule.

The True Frownies are the Friends We Made Along the Way: An Anecdote of Emacs’s Malleability, Case Duckworth
This sounds fun
GNU’s Not UNIX: Why Emacs Demonstrates The UNIX Philosophy Isn’t Always The Only Answer, Daniel Rose
The talk considers computational philosophies in technical terms.
Emacs and Motesorri Philosophy, Grant Shangreaux
Montessori principles have been studied and implemented – if secretly – by so many good teachers I know and it is always good to refresh general principles.
Manual Package Management in The Era of Repositories – Why and How, Dhavan
I have already run into problems with packages but my hack was to Marie Kondo my init as opposed to find a better solution.
telega.el and the Emacs community on Telegram, Gabriele Bozzola and Evgeny Zajcevdt
This is a great example of a networked learning approach to communications and listening to this talk is sure to inspire some Rheingoldian ideas on how to build communities with digital tools
How to help Emacs maintainers?, Bastien Guerry
Bastien is the former org-father; also, I want to learn more about what maintainers do – it is also thanks to them that we get to enjoy Emacs!
One effective CS grad student workflow, Greg Coladonato
A great opportunity to think through someone else’s academic workflow, even if in another discipline – though I hope that, too, will give me insight into my own programming learning.
Creating technical API documentation and presentations using org-babel, restclient, and org-treeslide, Jan Ypma
Will show a use-case of org-babel that I think will be relevant to me at some point in the future as I am also interested in the various possibilities Emacs gives to presenting technical documentation
Managing a research workflow (bibliographies, note-taking, and arXiv), Ahmed Khaled
I am thinking about changing my own research workflow.
Babel for academics, Asilata Bapat
This talk will help me think about more immediate Babel implementations directly relevant to my work now
Budgeting, Project Monitoring and Invoicing with Org Mode, Adolfo Villafiorita
I don’t use Emacs for this yet and am really excited that I can listen to discussion of an implementation before I begin
Imaginary Programming, Shane Mulligan.
Mulligan was interested in using GPT-3 in Emacs. I am interested in the thinking of this programmer.

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