Enough days

There are not enough days for love.

It was absolutely pouring with rain yesterday when my best friend was lowered into the ground.

A shining example of a human being, his exit was a cloudy reminder of how harsh this world is, to the very end. Love is what warms it; makes the gentle clearing where we gather. Rain almost doesn’t exist when you are filled with love.

All these months, I was working in my friend’s name, in hope.

My wish was not granted.

Now I find a new dimension to time; here, it is slow, emptied, the space for a call to be made: I love you so much… You were my person. You were an honor to know, an extremely challenging example to follow. But I will try; it is the only way I can see to extend your time with me. I will try. And I suppose that means that I need to get back to work, but good heavens is it hard.

Mourning is hard.

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