I’m Greta Goetz, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

For over the past two decades, I have taught higher education. My research is concerned with mnemotechnic hermeneutics, postdigital pedagogies, transnational and postdisciplinary dialogue, and networked learning. Postdigital research led me to the joy of digital tools for thought and I now love to tinker, especially with Emacs.

I have a multicultural background, was educated in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, the United States, and Serbia, and worked my way through a BA, Cum Laude, from Columbia University. I began my career working for various publications in Hong Kong and New York, including TIME magazine.

A sample of my work in Serbian-English translation is the following manuscript available online: Marčetić, A. (2018). After Comparative Literature, Institute for Literature and Art: Belgrade. A compilation of informal blog posts I wrote about running can be found at Orange Mud.

This wiki-like digital garden is where I work out thought that usually gets finished in my more conventionally-published work. It takes after the wiki model I use in my classes – though on the class sites, I experiment with Stieglerian approaches. This personal site is currently dedicated to my best friend who sadly passed away late this summer. I hope to bring his memory forward in all that I do.

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A selection of non-academic publications: (2004). “From Construction Papers”, Free Radicals. Honolulu, Oakland, New York: Subpress. (2016). “Moving through a medium”, “A lesson in space”, “Dialectics”, Ladowich, Issue 7.

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