I’m Greta Goetz, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

For over the past two decades, I have taught higher education. My research is concerned with mnemotechnic hermeneutics, postdigital pedagogies, transnational and postdisciplinary dialogue, and extensible design pattern approaches to networked learning. In attempting to articulate the systems involved in the latter I sometimes draw on what Nora Bateson has termed symmathesy, or ‘transcontextual mutual learning through interaction’. Postdigital research led me to the joy of digital tools for thought and I now love to tinker, especially with Emacs.

I have a multicultural background, was educated in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, the United States, and Serbia.

A sample of my work in Serbian-English translation is the following manuscript available online: Marčetić, A. (2018). After Comparative Literature, Institute for Literature and Art: Belgrade.

This personal wiki-like digital garden should be considered an unedited glimpse at the iterative wiki model I use in my classes.

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Looking for an editor and publisher for the anti-textbook I wrote on re-presencing the postdigital trace that seeks to challenge notions of digital literacy and inspire collaborative, active responses. I teach two large classes single-handedly (over 300 students) in addition to postgraduate courses.

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I worked my way through a BA, Cum Laude, from Columbia University and began my career working for various publications in Hong Kong and New York, including TIME magazine. I received my pre-Bologna MA and PhD degrees from Belgrade University. My early academic work focused on late 19th and early 20th century intercultural theologians, thinkers, and scientists. When I began teaching American cultural studies, digital technology was already ascendant, creating a need to develop new pedagogies. As a result, I began to develop networked learning approaches and the research that I do today.

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Guest posts on running
(2019). A compilation of informal blog posts can be found at Josh and Beth Sprague’s awesome small business Orange Mud.
(2004). “From Construction Papers”, Free Radicals. Honolulu, Oakland, New York: Subpress.
(2016). “Moving through a medium”, “A lesson in space”, “Dialectics”, Ladowich, Issue 7.

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