This blog is a digital garden

The content of this site (under the various headers listed as bullet points above) comes from my blog posts – and both the site and the posts are constantly evolving. This approach to creation is known both as digital gardening and selfdogfooding.

Chuck Grimmet has put together the most comprehensive definition of digital gardening that I have found, see his full post here. He describes digital gardening in the following list and quotation:

What is a digital garden?
  1. A collection of thoughts, ideas, highlights, annotations, quotes, summaries, and notes that are richer than a tweet, but lack the timestamped nature of a blog post or published essay.
  2. Digital gardens are tended to and evolve over time. Sometimes they grow, sometimes they get trimmed back. Though they change, they have the four-dimensional permanence of a river or Theseus’s Ship.
  3. A digital garden embodies the nature of working in public and learning out loud: Sharing your current understanding and allowing others to learn from it.
  4. Like entangled roots and interwoven vines, the individual plants of digital gardens form a latticework of bi-directionally linked content that supports and encourages bridging and pollination to further understanding.
to link, annotate, change, summarize, copy, and share — these are the verbs of gardening
Mike Caulfield, The garden and the stream:
A technopastoral

Grimmet’s post on digital gardens contains history, examples, and commonly used tools in digital gardening.

The other term for this approach comes from the IndieWeb, whose philosophy I support. It chose the term selfdogfooding after John Seely Brown’s 2015 quote, “Build what you need. Use what you build.” Read more at the source.

The ethos of digital gardening and the IndieWeb is to give as much as one takes.
Having a blog roll is a way of giving back to the blogs you enjoy. . . to create a virtuous cycle of recommendations between web authors.

My b/logroll page will be (re-)posted here.

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